Amazing Race 7

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Interesting Stat for Next Week

We are down to only four people left in the pool who have all four teams left: Chris, Jill T, Sarah, and Stephanie.

If Brian and Greg get Philiminated next week: Sarah will be the only person with all four teams.

If Lynn and Alex get Philiminated next week: Stephanie will be the only person with all four teams.

If Meredith and Gretchen get Philiminated next week: No one will be surprised. Chris, Jill T, and Stephanie will all have all four teams.

If Rob and Amber get Philiminated next week: Chris will be the only person with all four teams.

If Ron and Kelly get Philiminated next week: I will be happy. So will Sarah, as she will be the only person with all four teams left.

If Uchenna and Joyce get Philiminated next week: Jill T wil be the only person with all four teams left.

There were 330 different four team combinations to begin with. There are only 16 combinations that could have been picked that would allow you to have all your teams left now.

Article on Phil's Book

Seriously, Karen, Chris, Sarah, and Dave are racking up the media points!

Massive Head Wound Harry

A couple (but small) pictures of Massive Head Wound Harry from Saturday Night Live.

Bye Bye Monkey

"Goodbye Cruel World"...

...was a tombstone epitaph,

a movie,

an album by Elvis Costello,

a song sung by James Darren,

a comic strip.

Bonus points please! :-)

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Episode 5/6 My Thoughts

Well, this is a first episode in a long time that Miss Alli has given a straight up A+ on her recaplet. I hear those EMMY bells ringing again!

I think I liked last week's format for my thoughts so I'm gonna do it again. If you take issue, leave a comment and I'll come up with something else next week.

Brian and Greg

  • I love it whenever these two are on the mat to start the leg. First off we have them saying, "The brothers will be cruisin' in!" It was like an exercise in televised dramatic irony, as they've been showing us the crash all week in the previews, you know?
  • Onto the caves, full of mud, they remark they look like they're in Braveheart. To me it looked more like Forrest Gump.
  • "No one's gonna get our water--no one knows where they are!" I have no idea why that made me laugh so much.
  • Okay, and at the second map upon opening the clue, "Go home and give mom a hug and eat all her chicken enchiladas until you are in a food coma." Priceless.
  • Inside the cave, "Wow, this was like you locking me inside the sleeping bag when we were kids". Awesome. Not the trapping in the sleeping bag. Just the connection.
  • Dude, these dudes are, like, genuine. They were crying and praying over their cameraman (for that matter, they actually showed a camerman on the show--on purpose!). And they actually told people to keep going so they wouldn't get behind on their own race. I don't think I could like these two more right now.

Lynn and Alex

  • Okay, the boys need to get over the whole "Out for Rob and Amber" thing. It's getting old. I know they're probably editing in every single comment they make abouut them, but seriously. Let's focus. Otherwise you're going to find yourself driving around Compton. I mean, Johannesburg.
  • The boys at the first detour with the tribes? Okay, these guys never figured out that what was surrounding the chiefs or what the chiefs were doing had the slightest connection to what they were suppposed to bring to them. Dude. Yer dumb. However, after the dude ran Lynn off with the spear, Lynn's line "I guess that's a no?" was great.
  • We've had taxigate parts I, II, and III. We have had donkey gate. And ox gate. But at least those were all somewhat tangible. I'm assuming CompassionGate just won't fly.
  • While it was a bit bitchy of you not to let Rob and Amber on the big-ass bus with you, I understand. Rob would have done the same.
  • Hey, Lynn, is Alex really your Farmboy?

Meredith and Gretchen

  • Gretchen reminds me of someone, but I'm not sure if it's a muppet or a right-wing commentator. Can anyone help me out?
  • As Gretchen went down into the cave, she yelled out, "Goodbye, cruel world!" Now, I really don't believe she's this hip (but then, neither am I), and I am certain that line is in a play or a book. I can't remember where, and it's driving me insane. If anyone can find it, I'll give you some extra bonus points.
  • Yes, Gretchen, the clue is in the cave. This is not the Paris Sewers.
  • Ouch.
  • So after Gretchen fell and was all just like "Meredith, just look for the clue!" and "Oh man, I still have a road block to do!" I couldn't help myself but start to kind of dig the screechy muppet. I mean, can you imagine what Victoria would have done in this situation?
  • Bonus points if someone can find an image of Massive Head Wound Harry from Saturday Night Live (Karen came up with that one, not me).
  • Gretchen, I know you think you "Can't go to Soweto market [with a big ass headwound]!", but at least you're off to get diapers. They might work as a bandage as well.
  • And how was that for awesome when they were at the orphanage and in the background that kid totally got clocked in the head with the soccer ball? Way too cool.
  • I loved that the other racers were shown cheering for Gretchen and Meredith getting into the pit stop. We haven't seen that since season one, I don't think!
  • Meredith (since I really haven't mentioned you at all): you can say "Are you my bushman?" any time you want. And if the use of the word bushman is any indicator of performance, you just might win this thing!

Ray and Deana

  • They got cars?! I totally wish they would have been old people cadillacs or something. That would have been excellent.
  • So what is up with Deana's eye? Did she really get hit that hard with the corn mashing thing? It's totally been like that all race.
  • Coming in last: out of the race. Coming in last after the "oldsters": Ego bruise. Coming in last after the oldsters with the headwound and no posessions except the clothes on their back and their passports: PRICELESS.
  • Sometimes karma really does take the form of a woman with a corn-filled basket.
  • Bye bye. I had you as one of my four teams, but I'm glad you went away.

Rob and Amber

  • Amber: "She's a angel in high heels and a skirt!" I know another one.
  • Rob and Amber did that roadblock really, really fast. You know how I know? Because after they did the fast forward at the towers, they had to drive elsewhere (I think it was like fifty miles, but I could be wrong) to the roadblock. And you know where that fast forward was? Right across town from the Pit Stop!
  • I think Killer Fatigue is setting in for Rob, too. At the fast forward was the first time we've seen him even remotely short with Amber on the show. But of course, she was put upon to make a decision. The only decision she's ever made in her reality TV show career is to align herself with Rob. THE ONLY ONE.
  • I loved it when they got recognized at both the Hospital and the Market. But I wonder how Rob feels when it's Amber that gets recognized first, and not him!
  • Oh Rob, Rob, Rob. You can't expect to 1) steal someone's cab 2) pay a bus driver to not open the back of the bus and 3) tell the shuttle driver at the airport in L.A. to not stop for people and not expect it to bite you in the ass at some point. So don't feel sore about Lynn and Alex not letting you on the bus, okay? Thanks.

Ron and Kelly

  • I have "We'll be friends!" written down in my notes, but I have no idea why I thought it was funny.
  • "I feel like I'm in the Army!" Kelly, please don't follow Ron's lead. Thank you. Bye bye.
  • "Mission Accomplished!" Kelly, please don't follow Ron's lead. That's your military total up to two. Bye bye.
  • "That was just like bombing Baghdad!" Ron. You're up to six now. Bye bye.
  • "I drove Humvees through the desert in the Army." Seven. Bye bye.
  • "If the lion jumps up on me, I'm throwing him you." -- Ron. Please do. I bet it'd be like Fallujah.

Uchenna and Joyce

  • Oh Uchenna, you go on with your inner Wookie self!
  • But, dude? You really need to learn how to read a map. When you start worrying about the lions starving because you can't find your way to get there to feed them? That's a problem. I'll guess they'll have to make do with Kelly.
  • I do, however, applaud you for carrying a BP bag. It is my favorite corporate logo. It keeps you movin'.
  • You two were so awesome at the orphanage. I do hope, however, that your whole "we want to do the race to get money for in-vitro" was leading up to this episode, because it's starting to bug.
  • Joyce--thanks for reminding Uchenna (and the entire audience) that Meredith is a man! I forget sometimes, too.

And some general thoughts:

Karen, upon seeing the lion feeding task: "Um, no thanks. I spend enough time with Ivan". That's our cat. Who likes to play bite. And the back of my hand and the hole in my sweatshirt can prove it.

The Amazing Editors strike again! Brian [upon entering the car and squealing with delight] "Wow, I spend too much time with Lynn." Cut to Lynn, squealing.

Is it just me, or upon arrival at the pit stop, did you have an urge for cheese?

I'm not entirely sure how down I am with this new Non-Elimination leg Phil takes everything rule. I mean, what's next? "Six teams will travel by car to the airport, one team will travel by arthritic-ridden donkey"?

That's it for today--But not for the recap!

I forgot to tell my Nelson Mandela story. When I was at Trinity College in Dublin, Nelson Mandela came to speak and I went to see him. We are all excited because it was like, "yeah! A totally awesome human rights activist who is a survivor of a whole lot of apartheid crap and he's won a Nobel Peace Prize! This is going to be awesome!" Well, it would have been awesome, except that it wasn't. He droned on and on for over two hours about governmental policy and was the dryest, most elitist lecturer I'd ever had (and I studied Existensial Film). So when he finally got done he turned to the crowded hall and asked if anyone had questions. No one raised their hands, but at that moment someone's mobile went off and their ring? The Hallelujah Chorus. So incredibly wrong but so incredibly funny.

Episode 7 Bonus Question

The first pit stop in this episode was in the town of Soweto, underneath the bright shadows of the Orlando Cooling Towers. What are the images of that are painted on the side of the towers?

Answer to Episode 5/6 Bonus

The first airline to employ flight attendants was Boeing Air Transport, known today as United Air Lines. They could be no taller than 5'4" and weigh under 115 lbs. They also needed to be registered nurses, and the first flight attendant was Ellen Church.

Pool Standings After Episode 5/6

Note: To accuratley score this week's episode, it will count as episodes 5 and 6 so my spreadsheet stays okay.

  1. Ami (3) 2100
  2. Jill T 2040
  3. Chris 1995
  4. Stephanie 1950
  5. Jan (3) 1970
  6. Karen (3) 1955
  7. Sarah 1895
  8. Allegra (3), Tracy (3) 1865
  9. Scott (3) 1850
  10. Eric (3), Mark(3) 1800
  11. Joanna (3) 1720
  12. Judy (3) 1715
  13. Jay (2) 1650
  14. Mary / Anton (3) 1630
  15. Curt (3) 1585
  16. Kristin (2) 1525
  17. Jonathan (3) 1505
  18. Caitlin (3) 1480
  19. Robyn (3) 1475
  20. Mike (2) 1470
  21. Bari (3) 1455
  22. Samuel (2) 1435
  23. Dave (2) 1340
  24. Lee (2) 1310
  25. Jack (3) 1305
  26. Erick (2) 1295
  27. Jill (2) 1220
  28. Mary K (2) 1145
  29. Melissa (2) 1125
  30. Katie (2) 1115
  31. Ben (2) 1105
  32. Steve (2) 1075
  33. June (2) 950
  34. Kim (2) 855
  35. Liz (2) 770

Player Standings After Episode 5 / Roadblock Count

  1. Ron/Kelly 235 (five episode total: 480)
  2. Rob/Amber 145 (five episode total: 560)
  3. Uchenna/Joyce 105 (five episode total: 390)
  4. Lynn/Alex 135 (five episode total: 505)
  5. Meredith/Gretchen 75 (five episode total: 265)
  6. Brian/Greg 125 (five episode total: 415)
  7. Ray/Deana 115 (five episode total: 355)

Roadblock Count

  • Brian 3 / Greg 2
  • Lynn 3 / Alex 2
  • Meredith 3 / Gretchen 2
  • Ray 2 / Deana 2
  • Rob 3 / Amber 2
  • Ron 3/ Kelly 2
  • Uchenna 2 / Joyce 3

Monday, March 28, 2005

TAR for XX only?

This article is mainly about "The Contender" but the author makes an interesting assertion in the opening paragraph: Reality TV is edited and marketed for women. I think we all agree with the author on The Bachelor/ette, but The Amazing Race? According to him, TAR is still geared toward women because it "tends to emphasize human drama and romance over physical accomplishment and aggression." Do you agree? I think in the case of Voldemort, the line between human drama and physical agression were blurred and no women I know enjoyed watching that. As for the Contender, the last 20 minutes of each episode may be an all out bloody brawl, but much of the suspence of the show is built around the human drama of the rivalry between young men as they try to provide for their familes. Bottom line: if polling Eric's living room on premiere night is any indication of who's watching TAR, we have just as many men into it as the ladies!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Miss Alli's Recap - Episode 4

Thursday, March 24, 2005

If I Ever Leave My Job

A cool article on Reality TV show editors. I gotta find some classes to take.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

They're Everywhere!

My Thoughts -- Episode Four

For your interest, here's Miss Alli's recaplet on this episode.

Another great episode! But I'm not sure what I liked more: the episode, the previews for next week, or the fact that my mom has a Garden Gnome pushing a wheelbarrow in which she put the IKEA counting animals that she won for last season's pool and put it on top of the TV. That was awesome!

Since my notes are a little all over the place today, I think I'll do it by each team instead of more linear. Hope you don't mind:

Lynn and Alex

  • Okay, Lynn? When you yelled, "Survive THAT!" I officially moved you into the coveted berth of my favorite racer of the season. I want a hoodie with that slogan on it.
  • Too bad about your boat, boys. Now you join the club of Jon Vito and Jill and Tian and Jeree about having to request a new vehicle. But I really had to wonder if those boats were even supposed to hold four people, you know? They were the size of under airplane seat floatation devices.
  • "Rob and Amber are an STD". Yep, they are. It's called Gonebeforeyougotheeah.

Ray and Deana

  • Ray, I don't know if you're actually a Race fan or not, but if you are, mad props for the "Your horse isn't broken", and we all know why.
  • But dude, you don't get to use the line "I don't like being stuck with the bottom feeders," because you are obviously one yourself after coming in 7, 3, 6, and 6 in four episodes.
  • Deana, don't get mad at the horse. Get mad at the horse's ass you brought along on the race. Thanks.
  • Ray, I'd cool it on the "want to get ahead of the oldsters" talk because, even though you are dating someone seventeen years younger than you are, if Meredith and Gretchen get eliminated you will be the oldest person on the race. In fact, I think you just need to drink a six pack of Shut the F%&* Up and get your pending AARP membership revoked.

Susan and Patrick

  • Well, you lasted two legs longer than I thought you would and, even though I really wanted to like you guys, Patrick is a little bit too whiny and Susan's got a strange growth on the end of her nose. But for some reason I did find your quote "We're racing to be last" oddly endearing.
  • Patrick, I know at least two readers of this blog who wholeheartedly agree with you that running over a clown is, in any instance, justifiable homicide.
  • I felt your pain when you thought you were on the first train before the other two teams. Oh, the irony of impending doom.

Gretchen and Meredith

  • Gretchen, with your "here's the menage a trois" comment, that now brings your total of unnecessary wacky innuendos up to two. Please go sit in the corner with Ron until further notice. Thank you.
  • And, um, Gretchen? Just because there's a red star on the map marking the island where the clue box is, that doesn't mean the island is going to have a star on it. You should have paid more attention in Physical Geography.
  • Meredith, before you completed the roadblock, I really, really wanted you to yell out, "My Preciousssssssss!" as you got the ring. Please be funnier next week.
  • Gretchen, even though it's really sweet of you to think that the children were trying to perform for money for college, it's probably not the case. Check out this movie to see what the kids were probably doing.

Ron and Kelly

  • "In the military you trust people but here you can't trust anyone and that's why it's not like the military." Thanks. That brings your military talk up to five. Please go join Gretchen in the corner. Bye bye.

Uchenna and Joyce

  • Hey, Joyce: if you have already been thrown off your horse twice and know that it is skittish, I think it would have been in your best interest to not squeal in delight until you were OFF the horse. Just a thought.
  • Now, I'm a little worried that you two may be incurring a time penalty next week because you set off to do the Shipwreck, and randomly found the island. I'm not sure, and I hope not, but it might happen.

Brian and Greg

  • You know, as soon one of these dudes said, "Darn it!" and looked at their wardrobe choices, I realized who they are trying to be.

Rob and Amber

  • Well, I gotta hand it to you guys. The only sneaky thing you did all episode was run a really great race. That's something a lot of the other teams never think about doing.
  • I can't believe they made the flight. But, according to Rob, it makes sense since he was born with a lucky horseshoe--up his ass!
  • That was a little harsh with the, "How's your stomach, Ron?" But since Ron is sitting in the corner with Gretchen, I can forgive you.
  • I can't believe you gave away your hat. The Sox hat that has been your trademark since Survivor: Marquesas. Maybe the one you put on is just really faded, but I don't think it had a B on it. I wish you the best without your lucky charm. But since the horseshoe is up your ass I think it'll be okay.

And two more general comments:

  • That dude they got the clue from in the park? I'm surprised he was still there and hadn't already been arrested for dealing drugs or loitering or flashing people. He was creepy.
  • NEXT WEEK: TWO HOUR RACE! That made my night. Gretchen with a head wound? The brothers go toppling? Oh, dude. GAME ON.

That's all for today!

Week 5 - Bonus Question

Well, we've totally been chillin' in South America since the beginning of the race, but I have a feeling that next week the teams will be taking off to parts unknown on a different continent, and that will require a long plane ride. Since we've already had an Argentina related question, here's a general travel question for this week:

Question: What was the maximum height and weight permitted for the first flight attendants, and on what airline?

20 points for each part.

Week 4 Bonus - ANSWER

The line is, "Argentina has great beef. Beef and Nazis." It's from the 1995 Sandra Bullock movie While You Were Sleeping. For the script, click here.

Pool Standings Episode 4

  1. Ami 1440
  2. Karen 1430
  3. Jill T 1410
  4. Sarah 1395
  5. Chris 1360
  6. Allegra 1350
  7. Jan 1340
  8. Stephanie 1310
  9. Tracy 1260
  10. Eric (3), Mark (3) 1255
  11. Scott 1240
  12. Curt (3), Judy (3) 1175
  13. Joanna 1130
  14. Mary / Anton 1135
  15. Jay 1125 (3)
  16. Caitlin (3), Kristin (3) 1120
  17. Jonathan 1105 (3)
  18. Mike 1055 (3)
  19. Samuel 1015 (3)
  20. Bari 1000 (3)
  21. Robyn 985 (3)
  22. Dave 925 (2)
  23. Lee 935 (3)
  24. Katie 840 (2)
  25. Ben 820 (2)
  26. Jack 815 (3)
  27. Erick(3), Jill (3) 805
  28. Steve 790 (2)
  29. Melissa 785 (3)
  30. Mary K 740 (2)
  31. June 715 (2)
  32. Liz 560 (2)
  33. Kim 500 (2)

Player Standings after Episode 4 / Roadblocks

  1. Rob / Amber 125 (4 episode total: 420)
  2. Brian / Greg 95 (4 episode total: 290)
  3. Uchenna / Joyce 75 (4 episode total: 290)
  4. Ron / Kelly 75 (4 episode total: 250)
  5. Lynn / Alex 95 (4 episode total: 360)
  6. Ray / Deana 45 (4 episode total: 240)
  7. Meredith / Gretchen 55 (4 episode total: 190)
  8. Susan / Patrick -125 (4 episode total: 50)

Roadblock Count

  • Brian 2 / Greg 1
  • Lynn 1 / Alex 2
  • Meredith 2 / Gretchen 1
  • Ray 1 / Deana 2
  • Rob 2 / Amber 1
  • Ron 2 / Kelly 1
  • Susan 1 / Patrick 2
  • Uchenna 1 / Joyce 2

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Reality TV Meets NCAA Basketball

In case you were wondering, Phil happens to be a fairly good guesser when it comes to NCAA Basketball!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Amazing Recap

Miss Alli's TWOP Recap of last weeks episode is up. My favorite quote?

"Kelly adds, 'When I think of heaven, this is what I think of.' Thus managing to express a sentiment I'm prepared to respect while still kind of bugging the ever-loving crap out of me. She's like the human equivalent of Christian rock. "

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Hey everyone! I actually don't work anywhere this tuesday!!! I know...shocking.

I'd like everyone who can to come over to watch Race at 8 o'clock. This is my last week in St. Paul before making the big move across the river! Minneapolis watch out!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Sandra Bullock Generosity

Actress Sandra Bullock has donated $1 million to the American Red Cross to help survivors of the tsunami.

Bullock has done this sort of thing before.

She donated $1 million to the Red Cross in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in 2001.

“At this critical time, I am grateful to Sandra Bullock, for once again demonstrating her leadership, compassion and belief in our global humanitarian mission,” said American Red Cross President and CEO Marsha J. Evans in a statement. “Sandra continues to enable our lifesaving work and is a model for personal generosity.”

It is great to see the fortunate give to the unfortunate!

Win a Vacation Hamper

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Episode 3 - My Thoughts

First of all, Miss Alli's recaplet is up, so go read it.

Wow, there's a lot to talk about with this episode. I'm gonna do my best to keep it in order.

Did anyone else notice that Rob and Amber were nearly an hour ahead of the team that came in second? That's, kind of awesome. Who knew that knowing how to stack books would get you so far ahead? They rip their clue and they get to drive themselves over 150 miles to the "Old Bridge" (keep in mind that this is the name of the place they need to go to) in Argentina. I'm all about teams having to navigate themselves places. No, it's not the 500+ mile trek from Le Mans to Marseilles, but I'll take it! And the cars are waiting for them in a parking structure that doesn't open until 5 AM. I'm not a fan of the bunching, but this was okay for me for a couple reasons:
  1. The sign that said it doesn't open until 5 am was a real sign on the building, unless the production crew has suddenly become adept in creating signs in color schemes other than yellow and red and look authentic, which I don't think they have.
  2. They're driving over the Andes mountains which, I would imagine, might not be so safe for teams in the dark (especially that really windy part which I'm sure is used in all Mazda commercials).
  3. The tasks they were going to are either biking down a railroad bed or rafting down a river--neither of which can be done in the dark. So, do we have teams wait at a parking structure before having to navigate their way to a next task, or do you let the navigation (and, ahem Debbie and Bianca and Susan and Patrick, I'm talking about you) and those who are really bad at it get a free pass if they get lost? Personally, I'd rather see the bunching at the beginning. And there you go.

Oh, Brian and Greg, you are quickly becoming the funny team of the season in the absence of Ryan and Chuck. Your little skit at the beginning of the episode? Priceless. Keep it up, and stay in the race ('cause you're one of my teams!).

Poor Debbie and Bianca. Not only did Rob steal their cab (and I'm totally sure that watching it last night was the first time they found out about it), they were the only ones we saw actually stop and ask for help with the navigation before they even got on the road. And they still drove two hours the wrong way. I'm just guessing that if a clue says "drive through the mountains" and I continually see the mountains to the right and the ocean's waves getting sea spray all over the car, it would take me less than two hours to figure out I was on the wrong road. What were they planning on doing, driving north through Chile until they hit a border? That would take a really, really long time.

Um, Gretchen? Please don't ever say "I make it up to Meredith in other ways." I certainly didn't need to hear that. Neither did the rest of the country. You probably lost those few who are still fans of yours that can overlook the whiny voice and odd noises you emit.

Susan wants to find Patrick a boyfriend. That's so cute. And I have a few number Patrick can call if he wants.

The first Yield of the season! And, surprise surprise, no one used it. I'm not a particular fan of the yield myself, but if it's there, why not use it? I think that Lynn and Alex would have used it on Rob and Amber if they had been ahead of them. But, then again, the whole point of the Yield is to mentally throw someone off their game (because really, usually holding someone up for just fifteen minutes isn't going to make a big deal in terms of time it takes to complete tasks).

That raft course looked wank and easy. It's no wonder eight of the nine teams chose to do it. But Amber really need to stop talking about how she needs to lose weight. She needs to shed pounds like Mischa Barton needs a tummy tuck. How excellent was it, however, when Debbie and Bianca were talking about how they hoped someone had a flat tire, quick cut to Brian and Greg with their tire blowing out? Awesome. Even more cool when, as Brian and Greg were walking their bikes, they could see Meredith and Gretchen going by in their raft.

And then...the Roadblock. I'm not a fan of the eating challenges. That's why when I get on this show, Karen's doing all of them. I do find most of the eating challenges within the realm of reason (although the caviar was a bit extreme). I know that many countries eat what we would deam "icky" parts of the cow, but the fact is they do eat them. And part of traveling is sometimes staring at food that you know you have to eat and just totally don't want to. But four pounds of it? That's a lot. I suppose, since they're in the Andes, they could have been asked to eat each other.

Uchenna--totally chanelling the wookie. Sorry dude, Revenge of the Siths is coming out in two months, and that's the last one.

Ron? Shut it. I do not need to hear that the food, while better than what you got in prison camp, is the worst eating experience you've ever had. You're now four POW references over the line. That's more than one an episode. Good bye.

Greg--I loved the "When I cook brains at home..." line. Keep it up, buddy.

I was really starting to miss Ryan and Chuck. They would have had it done in ten minutes and turned to another team and said, "Are you going to finish that?" It would have been awesome.

Ray didn't tell Deana to suck it up and finish! And that's because Rob--is a mental magician. I'm not quite sure where to begin on what happened with all the quitting. This is only the fourth time we've seen someone quit a task. The first was season one episode nine when, knowing they were in last and so very tired and unable to see their way out of a detour, Nancy and Emily opted to just take a cab to the pit stop and they were slapped with a 24 hour penalty. Second was season five, when Lance and Marshall were also in last and Lance gave up on the roadblock. Third was last season with the key locks when Hayden finally quit. Now, all of these were instances where teams were in last place or on something other than a detour. It just seems like the rules are changing slightly. Which is, in my mind, okay. Rob has never been good at eating challenges (his first season in Survivor he was not able to keep the fish guts down), so I figured that if they decided he was going to do it, something was going to happen. What Rob did was actually totally genius. He knew he couldn't finish it. He assessed his options of taking a four hour penalty or taking as much time as he needed to eat the food. Now, it was totally a gamble because, if I understood the penalty correctly, your four hours started either a) when the next team showed up or b) when you decided to quit, whichever came last. Rob knew his time would start right away because a team had arrived shortly after him. But how in the world he managed to convince both Ray and Deana and Meredith and Gretchen to quit when the next team hadn't arrived? I'll never know.

Voldemort? You've got nothing on the Jedi mindtricks and mental magic of Rob Mariano.

Lynn and Alex come in first. Yea! But why didn't the boys get a trip?!

That's it for today, everyone.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


The teams are now in Argentina, the country which, according to a character in a Sandra Bullock movie, "Argentina has great beef. Beef and __________."

QUESTION: In what movie was this line said? What is the second thing that Argentina is famous for?

Twenty points for each part of the answer.

Good luck!

Week 2 Bonus - Answer

This one proved to be a bit controversial! All I have to say is, like Jon Cosgrove at the Pub Quizzes, the answer that I have on the paper is the right one. So there.

Pablo Neruda won the nobel prize for literature in 1971.
The committee gave it to him "for a poetry that with action of an elemental force brings alive a continent's destiny and dreams"
Walt Whitman was the poet whose picture he kept on his table.


  1. Ami 1060
  2. Eric, Karen 1040
  3. Jill T 1020
  4. Sarah 1005
  5. Allegra 1000
  6. Chris, Jan, Kristin 980
  7. Caitlin, Stephanie 940
  8. Mark (3), Mary/Anton, Tracy 920
  9. Scott 900
  10. Bari 880
  11. Curt (3), Jay (3), Judy (3) 840
  12. Joanna, Mike (3) 820
  13. Dave 805 (3)
  14. Jonathan 790 (3)
  15. Katie 745 (3)
  16. Robyn 720 (3)
  17. Samuel 710 (3)
  18. Ben 705 (3)
  19. Lee 650 (3)
  20. June 630 (3)
  21. Erick 590 (3)
  22. Jill (3), Melissa (3), Steve (2) 570
  23. Jack 550 (3)
  24. Mary K 530 (2)
  25. Liz 410 (2)
  26. Kim 330 (2)

Player Standings for Episode 3 / Roadblock Usage

  1. Lynn / Alex 125 (3 episode total 265)
  2. Uchenna / Joyce 105 (3 episode total 215)
  3. Brian / Greg 105 (3 episode total 195)
  4. Ron / Kelly 75 (3 episode total 175)
  5. Rob / Amber 85 (3 episode total 295)
  6. Ray / Deana 55 (3 episode total 195)
  7. Meredith / Gretchen 55 (3 episode total 135)
  8. Susan / Patrick 35 (3 episode total 175)


After this week's roadblock, here are how many roadblocks each team has completed:

  • Brian 1 / Greg 1
  • Debbie 2 / Bianca 0
  • Lynn 1 / Alex 1
  • Meredith 1 / Gretchen 1
  • Ray 1 / Deana 1
  • Rob 1 / Amber 1
  • Ron 2 / Kelly 0
  • Susan 1 / Patrick 1
  • Uchenna 1 / Joyce 1

Queer Eye for the Red Sox Guy?

I wonder how Boston Rob feels about these turn of events.

Monday, March 14, 2005

"I guess there ain't no way I'm ever gonna be on The Amazing Race 6."

The Onion's take on Reality TV.

Miss Alli's Recap - Episode 2

It's up. 18 pages of funny!

Saturday, March 12, 2005




And it was at that age...Poetry arrived
in search of me. I don't know, I don't know where
it came from, from winter or a river
.I don't know how or when
,no, they were not
voices, they were notwords, nor silence
,but from a street I was summoned
,from the branches of night
,abruptly from the others,
among violent firesor returning alone,
there I was without a face
and it touched me.

I did not know what to say, my mouth
had no way
with names
my eyes were blind,
and something started in my soul,
fever or forgotten wings,
and I made my own way,
that fire
and I wrote the first faint line,
faint, without substance, pure
pure wisdom
of someone who knows nothing,
and suddenly I saw
the heavens
and open,
palpitating planations,
shadow perforated,
with arrows, fire and flowers,
the winding night, the universe.
And I, infinitesmal being,
drunk with the great starry
void,likeness, image of
I felt myself a pure part
of the abyss,
I wheeled with the stars,
my heart broke free on the open sky.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

IKEA - Sexist?

As it was the site of a detour last season, here's a new interesting link on one of my favorite places, IKEA.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

TAR: Behind the Scenes

Here's a Q&A from about what Racers are and are not allowed to bring along with them. I wonder if this means my idea of putting together a laminated clip art flip book of pictures of a taxi, bus, train, etc won't fly...

And, if you care, Jonathan's "Exclusive" interview with MSN regarding his relationship with Victoria.

Inder Video on CBS

For those of you who have a better internet connection than dial-up, do yourselves a favor and check out the Insider Videos on SO much better than all other seasons. Sadly, we only have dial-up at home. Please excuse me while I go convince Smitty that an upgrade is in order.

Episode 2 -My Thoughts

And yet, another good one. In case anyone wants Miss Alli's short take, here's her recaplet.

And now, on to My Thoughts.

The most prophetic line ever from a team about to be Philiminated in 58 minutes? That of course goes to Megan and Heidi: "Heidi and I are leaders and will take charge! And my hair is blowing in my mouth!" That summed up all we need to know about to Boobsey Twins. Bye bye. Have fun in sequesterville--although I'm sure you'll have more fun once Brian and Greg get there!

Oh, Rob. Have you not heard of THE YIELD? Either he hasn't, or he has and he just doesn't care. I don't think he really justified the "You lied to us!" from the teams about not sharing information with them about the later bus getting there first, and then paying the security man not to say anything, and the paying the bus driver not to open the backdoor (with the other teams' in his alliance's money, not his own) was just brilliant, but at some point there's gonna be a yield and who are they going to be gunning for? The Rob-father himself.

And on that bus driver move, thank goodness Mirna's not on this race. Can't your just hear her melodic tones ringing throughout the episode? "Rob is Dis-GUS-ting!"

Dude, other teams. You can't fault Rob for asking for information when you didn't think to do it. That's why you were mad, wasn't it Patrick? That's what I thought. The dumb-as-a-rock Rob outsmarted your witty self. And what's up with that bandage on your eye? Seriously! And why did it go away so fast?

I liked this roadblock. I really did. Except for the part where Ron and Kelly decided he would do it because "he shined shoes in the miltary". And you never did that in the beauty pagents, Kelly? So, now Ron's use of military comparisons is three over the limit ("Lima looks like Baghdad!" "I was a POW and got shot down and if I win the million I'm going to donate some to the disabled veterans" "I shine shoes all the time"). How many times has he mentioned the military altogether? That's right. Three. Bye bye now. Get your right-wing butt of my screen. And take your girlfriend who apparently can't count (112 + 78 is 190, not your needed 180. Where's Bolo when you need him?) with you.

I did, however, find Lynn and Alex's decision as to who would do the roadblock quite funny. "Who loves shoes? We both love shoes!" Go boys, go.

However, Susan and Gretchen? The clue said shoe shine, not sock shine. There's a joke to be made there somewhere, but I'm not finding it at the moment.

And the teams rip open their clue and find...already booked airline tickets? That was a bit odd. Now, here's my theory. It wasn't like they were all bunching them on the same flight, because they were on two different ones. It was more like a cutting of the deck before shuffling again. There didn't seem to be too much time difference in when they got to Santiago. I'm guessing that they're trying out things for Amazing Race 8, when the families get on there. It's hard enough to book last minute international flights for four people (the two team members and their sound and camera dudes), but with AR 8, it's going to be at least six if not eight (I wouldn't be surprised if they double the crew as well, but I could be wrong). I think we'll see a lot of that next season. Having said that, I really miss the traditional airport shuffle.

And on to Santiago we go! Where they ride a funicular, my second favorite form of transportation on Amazing Race! At least no one called it a "small two person bike". Here's a song about a Funnicular. And if you want to hear the audio of this song you can come over to my cube at work or ask me of a copy of my Minnetonka Concert Band winter concert from a few weeks ago, where we played "Funiculi, Funicula". And you can hear me play my featured solo piece, too. 'cause I'm good. And now I'm done being egotistical.

A lotof people have been asking about why Susan and Patrick were running into money troubles at this point (and again at the detour, along with Meredith and Gretchen), when they weren't paying off drivers and security guards all over the place. I think it was a more a matter of them not having enough Chilean Pesos, as they hadn't stopped to change them anywhere. And that's all I'm going to say about money for the rest of this post.

This was a cool detour, because on one hand you have physical strength but also need to be able to navigate through the streets of Santiago (and remember to use your "library voice" as one of the Brothers said to the other), but on the other you've got to have enough money and language skills to be able to purchase at a reasonable price items from a very busy market. Cool, cool, cool.

Rob and Amber had no problem with that roadblock, probably owing to the fact that, since they go there first, they could take all the little books. Can it safely be said that Rob has book smarts after all? As for the others who chose that detour, they all managed it fine. Nothing much to say.

Oh, the marketers. This is not the first time teams have had to use their own money to complete a task, but for those of you who have become race converts in latter seasons might not have seen it. Here it is. I loved that both Gretchen and Meredith and Lynn and Alex got sent back because their fish was too small. Gretchen and Meredith handled it was grace, but I think Lynn and Alex were schooled at the Donald Rumsfeld School of Diplomacy and International Relations. And at some point in there, Lynn made the comment that "we're used to brining up the rear". And all the gay boys I know fall over laughing. And here's where I get to interject my first totally non-related to the race story but it makes sense in my head story of the season!

One time when my family was in Germany when my sister was either 4 or 6, we were walking down from Neuschwanstein, which is a bit of a hike. My dad was a few yards ahead of my mom and I, and my sister was kinda hanging back trying to keep up. For some reason one of the three of us asked someone else where Marissa was, and I think I answered "she's bringing up the rear". So we kept walking and soon I turned around and and she was bent over with her hands on the ground, just staying still and I said, "Marissa, what are you doing?" and she said, "You said I was bringing up the rear, so I am!"

Back to the race. The race to the pitstop.

This is why I like Debbie and Bianca--they take the time to explain to their cab driver, in perfect Spanish, why they're acting batshit crazy. I need to meet these two.

Meredith is actually kinda funny! "Seven is better than a sharp stick in the eye?" Talking to himself in the third person? I dig it. But everytime I verge on liking this team, Gretchen opens her mouth and makes strange noises. I don't understand.

Patrick, in a line that summed up his whole existence, "Yes Phil, it will be this traumatic each time." Thanks for the warning, kiddo.

And a footrace to last again. What could be better than that? Only if this show was now sponsored by Travelocity so I could see the garden gnome ads. Oh wait, it is! I have a thing for garden gnomes. But, apparently, so do others. You just can't make this stuff up.


  1. Dave, Jay, Mark 720
  2. Ami, Eric, Judy 670
  3. Kristin 660
  4. Curt, Jan, Karen, Mike 640
  5. Jill T 620
  6. Tracy 610
  7. Sarah 585
  8. Mary/Anton, Scott 580
  9. Stephanie 550
  10. Allegra 560
  11. Robyn 540
  12. Bari, Caitlin, Chris 520
  13. Joanna 490
  14. Steve 475 (3)
  15. Ben 440 (3)
  16. Jonathan (3), Samuel (3) 425
  17. Mary K 415 (3)
  18. Lee 405 (3)
  19. Liz 355 (3)
  20. June 335 (3)
  21. Erick 315 (3)
  22. Melissa 305 (3)
  23. Kim 285 (3)
  24. Jill 275 (3)
  25. Jack 235 (3)

Player Scores for Episode 2 / Roadblock Usage

  1. Rob/Amber 115 (2 episode total 210)
  2. Ron/Kelly 95 (2 episode total 100)
  3. Ray/Deana 95 (2 episode total 140)
  4. Uchenna/Joyce 75 (2 episode total 110)
  5. Lynn/Alex 75 (2 episode total 140)
  6. Debbie/Bianca 55 (2 episode total 190)
  7. Meredith/Gretchen 35 (2 episode total 80)
  8. Susan/Patrick 35 (2 episode total 140)
  9. Brian/Greg 15 (2 episode total 90)
  10. Megan/Heidi -105 (2 episode total -100)

I'm not sure if they're enforcing the Roadblock rule (one person can do a total of six) this time but if they are, here are the list of people who did the roadblocks for their team:

  • Brian
  • Debbie
  • Lynn
  • Megan
  • Gretchen
  • Ray
  • Amber
  • Ron
  • Susan
  • Joyce

Week 3 Bonus Question

As mentioned in last night's episode, Chile is famous for, among other things, its writers. That's why I need to move there.

Question: Pablo Neruda, one of Chile's most accomplished writers, won the nobel prize in literature in what year and for what reason (as deemed by the Nobel Prize committee)? And because that's too easy to be the whole question, a portrait of what poet did he keep on his table?

Week 2 Bonus - Answer

In place of a writing system, the Incas used an intricate system of colored knotted chords of rope call a quipu. The studies show that when the Spanish conquistadors figured out that was how they Inca's communicated, they went around to all the towns and untied and slashed all the ropes, effectivley cutting off all but verbal communication between towns. Not cool.

But it does remind me of a joke. Two strings walked into a bar and the bartender said, "Dude, we don't serve strings. Get out!" So they walked outside and unraveled themselves and tied themselves together and went back in. The bartender said, "Aren't you the same two strings I told to get out?" and they said, "no, we're a frayed knot!"

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

New Harry Potter Book Cover

Seriously, would they stop making him look like me? Chapter 25 from The Order of the Phoenix was close enough!

Maybe that should be my caption when I'm on race someday--"Harry Potter Lookalike".

Monday, March 07, 2005

The Real Recap -- From Miss Alli

Miss Alli's recap of episode one is up on Television Without Pity. 26 pages of funny!

Post Race Fun

Sarah has extended an invitation to all to hear Holiday at Bunkers this Tuesday. If anyone wants to join her, post a comment here or send her a reply to the email she sent!

And I've also given Sarah an extra five bonus points for sending out this invite. Remember that if you send media articles about the race, or monkeys, or stuff like this, I'll give you some points for being an active member of the pool.

Friday, March 04, 2005

A New Race Song -- By Me!

To the tune of "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid:
If you've forgotten the tune, click here and scroll down to listen to a little bit.

The eyebrow is always popping
Right before Phil says go.
The teams they all are waiting.
To go somewhere they don't know
The bags and the clues are waiting
No one's yet in a funk.
Phils says "go" and they're running
But Rob can't open the trunk!

Off to Peru!
Off to Peru!
Where llams spit
And ropes hurt a bit
Zip lines do too
Rob and Amber came in third
But Susan and Patrick think they're turds
Well, they are racin'
(No one named Jason?)
Off to Peru!

Debbie and Bianca are happy
To the airport they go.
The Boobsey Twins ain't happy
They sad 'cause they nearly rolled.
The brothers are very laid back
They always say "dude" and "what?"
Megs and Heidi are a bit whack
But the got those pink cute butts!

Off to Peru!
Off to Peru!
It's high in the air
And people they stare
Like at the zoo
Three umbrellas in the sand?
We'll just dig here because we can!
Zero before forty
Gretchen is warty
Off to Peru!

Off to Peru!
Off to Peru!
Ron makes a gaff here
And so yes we laugh here
Oh yes we do!
Poor Deana and Ray
He says "Suck it up" she says "no way!"
Debs got the spirit
For Brian to leer at
Off to Peru!

Lynn wants to win
Ray likes to harp
Kell gives Ron hell
The girls they're sure sharp
Uchenna is fine
At least he don't whine
Alex is just a queen.
Ray he can play
And no one has gout
Susan's a judge
And Patrick is out
Joyce's got the big eyes
And Rob tells the lies
On the zip they do all scream!

Off to Peru!
Off to Peru!
When llamas spit
Pat tries out his wit
Golly what a git
Rob and Amber won Survivor
Sue? We may have to revive her
Gretch cracked the eggs
And Chuck knows a keg
Off to Peru!
Ryan is gone here
Bianca she won here
Off to Peru!
All the contestants
Know what they're best at
That's why their fodder
For my pen and pawper
Who has the luck here?
Who'll get the bucks here?
Off to Peru!

I'm feeling a session of Amazing Race Karoke after this season is done!

A New Race Song -- But Not By Me

To the tune of "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast.


When Good Monkeys Go Bad

Not really Race related but, in my mind, monkeys are always race related.

Chimps Escape, Attack Visitors at Animal Sanctuary in Calif.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Has TAR jumped the shark?

What is the turning point when a good TV show goes bad? When the last episodes of Felicity were entirely a time-travel dream sequence? When Ross and Rachel finally "did it"? Or in the case of "Blind Justice," before the shizzle even premieres?

For "Happy Days," it was when the Fonz jumped over a shark on water skis (while wearing his signature leather jacket nonetheless). And was born.

There is an ongoing debate about if/when TAR jumped. Some say never. Some say Day One. Flo. Jonathan. But it is Romber that has pushed some viewers over the limit. To check out the debate or put in your own 2 cents, go to, click on the A-Z link, then "A," and scroll down to "Amazing Race, The." Enjoy.

Why Things Are Looking Good For Debbie and Bianca

The last time an all-female team won a leg on the race without the use of a Fast Forward was Mary and Peach in Season 2, episode 6, when only six teams were left.

Go Hallie Lowenthal!

Way Cool -- Who's In?

I got a random friendster message from this guy who was looking for people who like the book Round Ireland With a Fridge (and if you haven't read it, you should) and he sent me the link to his website and the project that he's about to embark on and wants help with. Check it out!


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Week 2 - Bonus Questions

Cuzco, the area of Peru which serves as this week's Pit Stop, was the center of the Inca civilization. I would have gone crazy in Incan society because they had no written system of communication.

Question: What did the Inca use in place of a written language, and what was it called?

Something Interesting From Peru

I was looking for this week's bonus question, and came across this. Had to post.

Episode One - My Thoughts

Oh, yea! My show is back! And not the show of last season where we have doo-rag/army-issued glasses wearing engaged to racist models for winners, but back to the good ol' days where people are nice to each other, and to other teams, and to the locals. This is what I like to see.

I leave the recapping of the episodes up to Miss Alli of Television Without Pity (in fact, this week's recaplet is here. The 20 + page extravaganza will probably be posted Sunday), and just like to share the random thoughts that pop through my head as I watch the episode. I may have more to add after I go back and give this one a rewatch, but this will do for now. And also in no particular order of how things actually happened in the show, so please excuse my concrete random brain.

Lynn and Alex, I'm really hoping you don't get a penalty for taking the tuk-tuk as opposed to the rikshaw. But, as we all know, tuk-tuks are my personal favorite mode of transportation on Amazing Race, so I gotta give you props for taking it in the first episode!

There should be a warning against singing random songs in random forms of transportation in the first episode. Last season it was Avi's "New York Jews in Iceland" (coming soon to a Fringe stage near you!), this time Ryan and Chuck's rendition of "She'll Be Coming 'round The Mountain". Didn't bode well for either of them, did it? At least there was no song about the Race it self to the tune of, oh "Supercalifragelisticexpialidocious" or something.

The soon-to-be-infamous Sand Digging task. Oh, these silly people. This isn't like looking for a departure time on a tent, getting a time off of a tree, or claiming a ticket for a charter bus. Why? Because in the past three races when they performed the same type of task in the first leg, the teams had no idea what the other departure times would be before deciding to take the ticket or not. Dude. There were big, wooden planks velcroed to the cute little straw umbrellas at all three telling you what time the plane tickets were for, and also on the clue envelope itself! I very much enjoyed all of the teams fighting over the 7.40 slot.

Well, Meredith and Gretchen have nothing on either Don and MJ or Dave and Margaretta, but Gretchen's line "Whoa! This is what the kids call wedgies!" was fairly priceless.

Debbie and Bianca got $10,000 each for getting to the pitstop first? I remember when the prize was a digital camera and that was huge and enviable. Of course, that was probably when a digital camera cost $10,000. Will we ever hear Phil say "Romantic Europe", "Exotic Mexico", or "Exciting Carribbean" again?

So Rob and Amber are here, and they have come out fierce in this first episode (despite Rob having no idea how to open the trunk of the car at the beginning). It is extremely impressive that they started out on the plane that landed nearly two hours behind the first and managed to work their way up to third place. Of course, the American dude that recognized them on the plane sure helped a lot. But, you know what? I have no problem with Romber using their D-list celebrity status to their advantage. We've seen plenty of women try to use their "feminine charm" to get stuff around the race. Romber's just using what they have and using it well. Too bad they keep talking about Survivor every five minutes. That was the only bogue thing about them this episode for me. But when they said something at the campsite, and how it felt like Survivor being out on the beach and all the other teams gunning for them--with the quick cut to the maniacal laughter from Susan and Patrick and Debbie and Bianca? Priceless. If it turns into a Romber Hunt for a few episodes, I won't be disappointed and it could be pretty entertaining.

I understand that 11,000 feet is a really high altitude to do much anything at, and you're excited about the race and the adrenaline is flowing and everything else. But Meredith and Gretchen opted for a cab when the found out the bus was five blocks away. That's not much. I know because I can count that high in Spanish. This does not bode well for our not-quite-favorite older couple.

Why will I miss Ryan and Chuck? Because, on the way to the airport, Chuck said, "You gotta drive it like ya stole it". Awesome. He and Bolo should be friends. That'd be cool. And they also pulled the rickshaws. And did you see how much faster it went?

Oh, the Boobsey Twins. That's their name now in my book. They couldn't even make it to the airport without a) nearly crashing the car on the 405 and b) having to pull over to switch drivers. What happens when they get faced with an eight or ten hour drive? Will they be, like, switching every ten miles?

I can't decide who Debbie looks more like: Julianne Moore, Poppy Montgomery, or Hallie Lowenthal (I suppose that actress has a real name, but come on. It's Hallie Lowenthal to anyone between the ages of 23 and 33). Anyone want to weigh in on this argument my brain's having with itself? I did like them giving the bracelets to the children on the truck. Totally went back to season two with the sunglasses. Cute!

Brian and Greg had one little blip on my fundar last night. When they got to the beach and saw what times where left and that there was only one 7.40 but 3 7.00s, one turned to the other and said, "Doesn't 7.00 come before 7.40?" I think there was a "dude" inserted somewhere in that sentence as well.

Ron and Kelly are totally bugging me already. If you see my previous post about my first impression, you will see that I was expecting this. I'm not sure what's worse, the fact that their caption at the bottom of the screen says "Former POW / Beauty Queen" instead of, oh, I dunno, Dating Long Distance, or that they ran a bad leg, or that when they went to the airport they made their decision between American and United airlines by Kelly saying, "We gotta go American. We're the All-American Team!" I bet all they packed was apple pie and baseball bats and gloves. If I get on this show, maybe I'll be Team America--but with a ": World Police" after it. Then my theme song can be America, F@#^ Yeah (click here for lyrics). With all the snarky sarcasm.


Note: The 3 means that you have 3 teams left. If there is no number, all your teams are in.

  1. Dave 380
  2. Kristin, Mike 360
  3. Judy 350
  4. Curt, Mark 340
  5. Jay 320
  6. Eric 310
  7. Karen 290
  8. Mary / Anton, Ben, Caitlin, Jill T., Robyn 280
  9. Allegra, Bari, Scott 260
  10. Ami, Steve (3) 250
  11. Sarah 240
  12. Tracy 230
  13. Chris, Jan 220
  14. Joanna, Stephanie 210
  15. Jonathan (3) 180
  16. Samuel (3) 160
  17. Liz (3), Mary K (3)150
  18. Kim (3), Lee (3) 120
  19. June (3) 110
  20. Jill (3) 90
  21. Melissa (3) 80
  22. Erick (3) 70
  23. Jack (3) 50

Week One Points for Each Team

  1. Debbie / Bianca: 135
  2. Susan / Patrick: 105
  3. Rob / Amber: 95
  4. Brian / Greg: 75
  5. Lynn / Alex: 65
  6. Meredith / Gretchen: 45
  7. Ray / Deana: 45
  8. Uchenna / Joyce: 35
  9. Megan / Heidi: 5
  10. Ron / Kelly: 5
  11. Ryan / Chuck: -95

Week One Bonus - ANSWER

The founder of Yellow Cab was John Hertz of Chicago in or around 1915 (the year varied by source material). You can read more about the history of the yellow cab here.