Amazing Race 7

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Amazing Race 7 Finale Drinking Game

Hee hee!
Brought to you by Scrappy, Smitty, and Eric (who really needs a nickname):

  • Uchenna and Joyce get lost
  • Ron makes a reference to his military career
  • Rob gives the camera a shit-eating grin
  • You see a gnome ad
  • The Camera shows a close-up of the "Beauty Queen's" zit covered face
  • CBS shows an ad for Rob and Amber's wedding
  • Amber says something witty (and you down that drink, 'cause it hasn't happened all season!)
  • A racer says it's an Emergency (in any other language, including Mirnish and Charlades, which would then include doctoro, emergencia, and 'I have a sick child')
  • A racer says "we're in it to win!" (Duh)
  • Uchenna and Joyce say they want to win to get a kid.
  • Any "Survivor" References
  • Any Phil-worthy (by Phil or not) eyebrow pop.
  • If you see, hear the word, or even think about a MONKEY!


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