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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


At the risk of being hubristic, the next stop in London made me look up some pictures of when Jan took me on an "amazing race" to Europe in 1974. It was a combination of survivor and amazing race. We took the "Europe on $5 & $10 per day" tour. Jan got $5 or $10 per day & I got squat. No food, no drink, no sleep, Jan's middle name may be Gretchen!

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Episode 10 - My Thoughts

Well, here's my overriding thought on this leg: HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!

  • If you watch the Insider Video from the episode where Gretchen and Meredith got all their stuff taken away, you will see that Gretchen was sad to have to give up her calculator. That would have come in handy on the scales!
  • Jerome. Jerome the Gnome. I love it. Thanks, Meredith.
  • You know, what is it with the older team having issues finding the clues on this show?
  • I've finally decided what Gretchen's problem is. She has absolutley no internal dialogue. Instead, every thought inside her head just comes spilling out of her mouth. It's like that totally painful scene in About a Boy when Marcus starts singing "Rainy Days Will Always Get You Down" in the middle of class. Except when he did, I felt really really bad. With Gretchen? I'm just annoyed.
  • Except when she comes out with these gems like, "Only 58 kilo? God, a lightweight." That was awesome.
  • The thing I do like about this team is that they did acknowledge at the end that they've really gotten as far as they have because of stupid mistakes made by other teams. But no one ever said that luck wasn't part of the game. Meredith must have a whole family of leprechauns up his butt!
  • Major props to Gretchen for doing that roadblock. I was joking when I said it before, but maybe she is what Joss Whedon's looking for.


  • Hubris.
  • I think Rob's horseshoe finally fell out of his ass, making room for Karma who must have been watching Solyaris or something and otherwise occupied, letting him get away with all of his little tricks up until now.
  • Or maybe he's like Walt, making things up in his head and then BOOM! they just appear! Seriously, how did Rob not find out about the earliest flight?
  • After all the comments that Rob made about Meredith and Gretchen and Uchenna and Joyce, I hope he's having fun eating some humble pie.


  • Schadenfreude.
  • I was having fun replaying the conversation between the cameramen at the Pit Stop: "Dude, guess what Beauty Queen said to POW today?" Oh, was that great.
  • Props, Ron. Good on yeh. You might be a little funny. A little dumb, but a little funny.
  • Do you think Ron was resisting the urge at the detour to call out "H-7? You sunk my battleship!" I was.
  • Kelly: "We're in second place and gotta catch up!" Well, catching up is for sure!
  • Maybe they should spend the $20,000 from Travelocity and Ron can take Kelly to Baghdad and see if she's committed to their return ticket or something (there was more of a joke there, but I'm struggling with the wording today).
  • But there's the biggest question: Will staying in the Four-Star suite for the night completley throw Ron off his game's not like Baghdad?!
  • Ron, thank you for providing me with my favorite scene of the episode. When Rob and Amber were checking in at the Pit Stop there you were, all on your own, standing on top of the tower searching the skies aimlessly for the key. I'd maybe, um, check the WALL in front of you or something. I don't know.


  • Why is it that I really like you guys but I never have much to say about you? You ran a good leg.
  • Uchenna--good thinking telling the people in the street to keep their coats on keep holding their bags!
  • For all that head shaving, you only had a TWO minute lead over Ron and Kelly leaving the pitstop. That's, like, cutting it close. I'm glad you extended your lead this time.

Some other general thoughts

  • I love gnomes. How great was it that they had to carry the little guy all over Istanbul? Way better than either Kodak Easy Share task 1, Kodak Easy Share task 2, T Mobile task, or AOL Task.
  • Why didn't anyone call out "Have Fun Storming the Castle"?!
  • And, last, why are they going to Turkey? Seriously? And I don't think I'm spoiling anything (because you can see it on the preview video for next week on the CBS site) that next they go to ENGLAND. Um, isn't this supposed to be a "race around the world"? Maybe that's why Phil is saying that phrase so fast at the beginning of the show, like "a...racearoundtheworld" because he has to say it, but he knows it's not true. It's more like a big boomerang trail. Really really far, and then it comes back right at you. I don't understand boomerangs, either.

That's it for today!

Week 11 BONUS

Next week is almost certain to be the last elimination leg, getting us down to the final three who will run to the finish line. What should team members find and wear in Turkey to help them get there?

Good luck!

WEEK 10 Bonus - ANSWER

Well, people found many, many reasons why Hindus and Indians shave their heads! Here is a smattering:

A rite of passage for children around age 3 in order to divide them from their animal (i.e. hairy, natural) state.

When someone was widowed (male or female)

When a father died, his eldest son would shave his head

To speed up the time to get to Nirvana--each hair shaved was equal to buying one cow for your God!

POOL STANDINGS - After Episode 10

  1. Jan (3) 3370
  2. Sarah (3) 3215
  3. Stephanie (3) 3140
  4. Tracy (3) 2975
  5. Karen (2) 2965
  6. Ami (2) 2930
  7. Chris (2) 2855
  8. Jill T (2) 2740
  9. Eric (2) 2615
  10. Mark (2) 2550
  11. Jay (2) 2500
  12. Judy (2) 2475
  13. Scott (2) 2450
  14. Curt (2) 2445
  15. Mary / Anton (2) 2390
  16. Allegra (1) 2385
  17. Lee (2) 2340
  18. Joanna (2) 2300
  19. Dave (2) 2245
  20. Bari (2) 2165
  21. Ben (2) 2135
  22. Kristin (1) 1875
  23. Caitlin (1) 1840
  24. Samuel (1) 1785
  25. Jonathan (1) 1755
  26. Robyn (1) 1655
  27. Mary K (1) 1615
  28. Erick (1) 1535
  29. Melissa (1) Steve (1) 1505
  30. Katie (1) 1495
  31. Jack (1) 1485
  32. June (1) 1440
  33. Mike 1400
  34. Jill 1110
  35. Kim (1) 1055
  36. Liz (1) 1010

Episode 10 - Player Standings / Roadblock Count

  1. Uchenna / Joyce 160 (10 episode total: 900)
  2. Meredith / Gretchen 100 (10 episode total: 485)
  3. Rob / Amber 90 (10 episode total: 960)
  4. Ron / Kelly 70 (10 episode total: 810)

Roadblock Count

  • Meredith 5 / Gretchen 4
  • Rob 5 / Amber 4
  • Ron 5 / Kelly 4
  • Uchenna 5 / Joyce 3

Jerome the Gnome

Last night the Travelocity gnome made a guest appearance on TAR in the cutest cross promotion I've seen in some time! [Unlike the movie "Fever Pitch" aka "The Apprentice 3" with its shameless Marquis Jet product placement]. Did you know that the TAR appearance isn't Travelocity's 1st unique promotion using the gnome? Read about it here and here.

Travelocity isn't the first to borrow the globe-trotting gnome idea from the Gnome Liberation Front. Remember Amelie?

Think the gnome is so cute you just gotta have one? Rumor is, you can have your very own for only $10.

Gnomes aren't your thing? This monkey has racked up some frequent flyer miles of his own!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Will it ever end?

The Rob and Amber debate continues...and continues...

Monday, April 25, 2005

What about Jon?

Kelly Parks, of "Kelly and Jon" from TAR4, needs to update her IMDB profile to include "Olivia Cruise passenger" from last night's episode of "The L Word."

Friday, April 22, 2005

Farewell Lynn and Alex

Well, I'm having a hard time with their departure from the race! Here's a great article with my boys!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Episode 9 - My Thoughts

Well, that was a doozy. If you think about it, that leg started in Botswana where there was a long wait before their charter to Frederickstown, where there was another long wait before their flight to Mumbai, where they had an overnight layover before flights to Dehli and then Lucknow, a roadblock and detour in Lucknow before seeing Phil, then waiting roughly nine hours before a twenty-four hour train ride, then push a 600 lb elephant through the crowded streets up Jodhpur before going to ride camels (or get your head shaved if you're Joyce) and then running up to a pitstop. Finally. What is that, a four day leg? Crazy.

  • I'm sad to see you boys go! But at least Lynn can get his facial products that he's been missing. While another team has been missing everything they brought with them the last four legs.
  • I did appreciate that you learned some Hindu, though. You guys actually made India look fun (that's the first time that's ever happened in the Race!).


  • I'm voting for these two to become the new Centrum Silver spokespeople. Anyone want to start the petition?
  • Gretchen, Gretchen. Did you see anyone else hop of the back of that elephant? What, were you hoping there was an engine or jet pack up in that saddle? Or a steering wheel? Now that I think about it, it was probably better for you to be up there out of the way (too bad it didn't stop your voice. Seriously, you were like bagpipes on that leg--loud, dead weight).
  • You know, it's kinda funny that when we had both a broken ox and a broken elephant, one of the team members kinda forgot that they could help out on the task.
  • Meredith, "I think those guys are gay." Gretchen, "Well, that one that helped us was pretty cute." Hee hee.
  • These two actually have a fairly good chance of becoming one of the few teams (if not the only team) in Race history to reach the final three without ever coming in first in a leg. And that's a huge feat.
  • My new guess is that Meredith and Gretchen fly to India at least three times a year and get their heads shaved. How else do you explain this luck they're having?!

Rob / Amber

  • I knew Rob was an evil genius just like me. He won't go see scary movies, either!
  • Rob, you're skating a thin line with "It's a tough job organizing Indian labor". I know you work construction and all at home, but watch it, buddy.
  • I think I know Amber's camel's name: LEX.


  • Kelly at the camels: "That hurt my bottom so bad but it was so much fun!" Wow. I could say so many things to that, but I think it's better I just keep them in my head.
  • I believe we finally had Ron's first non-military reference episode! Didn't the camels remind you of Baghdad, too?!
  • I did find it odd that the couple with the least amount of chemistry were the only ones sharing a bunk on that train, and those bunks didn't look too big, either.
  • I can't not comment on Kelly's little "you're a committment phobe and got out of the army by being a POW" comment. I must say that comment reminded me of Baghdad--a little Shock and Awe! But really, really funny all the same and I laughed all the way home about it.


  • You know, it's not like Joyce had to do it. No one was pointing a gun at her head (just a razor).
  • I am officially dubbing these two the new Bald Snark. Get your funny on, guys, so you can live up to your predecessors!
  • I don't know. If I was a producer of the show, I would have had a prize at the end of this leg for coming in first. That was a very big and brave thing to do.
  • Oh, and Joyce officially kicks Brandon and Nikki's asses.

Other Random Thoughts

  • Wow, that wedding looked like fun. I kept thinking maybe they would turn out to be extras in this movie.
  • Okay, creepy man giving out clues on the train! In the middle of the night!

That's it. Sorry this was short. I just didn't have much to say today. If anyone would like to add anything, feel free!

Week 10 - BONUS

Well, okay, I had to ask about the head shaving.

Name three reasons directly related to India or Hindu why someone would shave their head.

Good luck!

Week 8 Bonus - ANSWER

The practice of predicting the future through tea dregs is called Tasseomancy. Many people found the answer Tasseography but, because of the actual meanings of the suffixes, Tasseomancy was what I was looking for. A Kite in the tea leaves symbolizes good luck, wishes coming true, something along those lines.

Both Karen and Sarah received the double bonus for finding Ron and Kelly's new team name: PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE AMMUNITION. I mean come on, how perfect is that?!

POOL Standings after Episode 9

  1. Jan (3) 3010
  2. Sarah (3) 2815
  3. Stephanie (3) 2780
  4. Ami (2) 2770
  5. Karen (2) 2675
  6. Tracy (3) 2665
  7. Eric (2) 2455
  8. Chris (2) 2585
  9. Jill T (2) 2540
  10. Mark (2) 2350
  11. Jay (2) 2300
  12. Scott (2) 2290
  13. Judy (2) 2275
  14. Curt (2) 2195
  15. Mary / Anton (2) 2190
  16. Allegra (1) 2185
  17. Joanna (2) 2080
  18. Lee (2) 2050
  19. Dave (2) 2045
  20. Bari (2) 1935
  21. Ben (2) 1845
  22. Kristin (1) 1745
  23. Caitlin (1) 1680
  24. Jonathan (1) 1665
  25. Samuel (1) 1655
  26. Robyn (1) 1585
  27. Mary K (1) 1505
  28. Erick (1) 1465
  29. Jack (1) 1415
  30. Katie (1) 1405
  31. Mike 1400
  32. Steve (1) 1375
  33. Melissa (1) 1345
  34. June (1) 1280
  35. Jill 1110
  36. Kim (1) 985
  37. Liz (1) 900

Episode 9 - Player Standings and Roadblock Count

  1. Uchenna / Joyce 205 (9 episode total 740)
  2. Ron / Kelly 115 (9 episode total 740)
  3. Rob / Amber 105 (9 episode total 870)
  4. Meredith / Gretchen 65 (9 episode total 375)
  5. Lynn / Alex -105 (9 episode total 485)

Roadblock Count

  • Lynn 4 / Alex 4
  • Meredith 5 / Gretchen 3
  • Rob 4 / Amber 4
  • Ron 4 / Kelly 4
  • Uchenn 4 / Joyce 3

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Romber Wed

Interesting how the article sub-line describes them as "Survivor"contestants and not TAR. The photo is even them reading a TAR clue. Stupid CNN.


I liked this one a lot. Enjoy!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Anybody Gnome?

I was walking around Lake Harriet yesterday and was introduced to an Twin Cities Icon, Mr. Little Guy. Some say he is an elf, others a gnome. I'm gonna vote gnome, seeing as how he is mentioned on this website. Either way, he is available to answer notes from Minneapolis residents. When I knocked on his door yesterday, someone had made him a little stone-lined path and there were several notes waiting for replies! Here's a good photo of Mr. Little Guy's Tree Door (scroll down to "ElfQuest").

Friday, April 15, 2005


This could be a new challenge. Swimming with the wholpins!!!

Check it out!

More Gnome and Monkey Fun!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Well this dude like Rob and Amber!

And so do I. But here's the article.

A monkey catches a ride

Gnomes Gone WILD!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Episode 8 - My Thoughts

Woo hoo, the two-parter episode of this season! My favorite part about last night's episode is that it's DONE and we won't have to suffer through a cliff-hanger at the end of a leg for any more episodes this seaons.

Lynn and Alex
  • Um, Lynn? Ruples are not the currency of India. But maybe you're a fan of this band.
  • Did anyone else get the feeling that Lynn and Alex's entire world view was totally shaken when they realized Rob and Amber decided not to Yield them? Boys, you are not the center of the universe. I am.
  • Lynn, I'm assuming that you wanted to throw, like, Mardi Gras beads or something at the crowds of people. But watch yerself, young man.

Meredith and Gretchen

  • Meredith, you're right. It would not be good to break a hip.
  • I totally loved Gretchen spinning around and around in the middle of the boxes (Joss, I think I found your leading lady).
  • Was anyone else confused by the clapping and cheering and wish for autographs from the crowd? It's gotta be one of three things. Meredith and Gretchen are actually Bollywood stars masquerading as frail older Americans. People thought Meredith was actually Larry David. Or, most probable, Cocoon and *Batteries Not Included just came out on DVD in the thriving town of Lucknow.

Rob and Amber

  • Aw, Rob wants to build Amber a palace. I bet it'd be Blarney.
  • Okay, did anyone else notice that when Rob said "Watch out for the cows" they did indeed show a bovine, but then the camera panned to Kelly? Oh, that was awesome.
  • I don't know how Rob does it, but he looks right at Ron and Kelly on the Yield mat and says "don't yield us", and they don't. That's the Amazing Race equivalent of "These aren't the droids you're looking for".
  • For all of Rob's smarmy behavior, at least he owns up to it. When he looked right at the woman in the Botswana airport, trying to convince her not to help the other teams, and saying "Just point to me. I'll smile right at 'em" makes his actions a little bit more awesome. That, and his shit-eating grin.
  • Do you get the feeling that Rob doesn't want to use the Yield because he doesn't want to win that way? You know, the sneaky way that's actually sanctioned game play? Instead he'd rather win by stealing cabs, bribing, etc...
  • The best expression of the night: the one on Rob and Amber's faces when Evil Phil (and Evil Phil's eyebrow pop of impending racing) told them that it was just another clue and they needed to keep going. Excellent.

Ron and Kelly

  • Really, Ron? Driving through India is just like evacuating Baghdad after the bombing? I'm sure that this city which prides itself on being the most important cultural center of India after Dehli appreciated that.
  • I have a new nickname for Ron and Kelly: Team Dixie Chick. If anyone can find the Dixie Chick lyric that I'm thinking of that made me nickname them this, I'll give them double bonus points this week.
  • Hey, you two. It doesn't do any good to argue with your cab driver for stopping to get gas at the gas station. Because if he didn't? You wouldn't get anywhere at all.
  • Ron: "Mow 'em down like grass". Wow, way to be sensitive to innocent civillians. But I guess, after know where I'm going with this. Oh, and meet Christie!
  • I do have one nice thing to say to Ron: I liked your light blue head scarf. Maybe you picked it for these dudes?

Uchenna and Joyce

  • I am So Sorry. I wrote absolutley nothing down about you two this week. Please don't get eliminated next week so I can start writing about you again.

A Few Other Quick Thoughts

  • You know, I have no idea why these people were all excited about going to India. It's like they've never seen this show before. Reaching the India leg is beginning to be like the family visit in Survivor. If you make it that far, you know you're nearing the end, but it's so hard and so trying that you just don't know if you're going to make it.
  • Okay, the producers are SO MEAN for putting the double leg in India. Let's think: the teams went from wide open spacious Africa to a 5,000 mile plane ride + Jet lag to land in very crowded and urban-centric India to have to take another plane ride and then ride around in the streets and do two tasks (although neither very physically challenging) and before resting will have to go out and do yet another leg of the same size. That's rough. But at least it'll provide some awesome Killer Fatigue breakdowns next week!
  • That office building looked horrible. And I thought my cube with half walls as opposed to full was bad because I can nearly see over the cube wall and into the guy's next to me who has a signed photo G.W. Bush on his desk. I don't have it bad.

That's it for today!


In the detour this week, all five teams chose to deliver tea to business men in India.

What is the practice of predicting the future through tea dregs called, and why would the teams want to see a Kite in their cup?

Good luck!

Week 8 Bonus Question - ANSWER

The goat's name was Murphy, and he was own by William "Billy Goat" Syannis, owner of the "Billy Goat" bar near Wrigley Field. When the Cubs were in the World Series in 1945, Syannis brought Murphy along to Game Four, but were kicked out because Murphy didn't smell too good. Syannis put a curse on the Cubs that they would never again reach the World Series.

And they haven't.

Pool Standings After Episode 8

  1. Ami (3) 2615
  2. Jan (3) 2545
  3. Sarah 2455
  4. Jill T (3) 2385
  5. Stephanie (3) 2355
  6. Tracy (3) 2340
  7. Eric (3) 2335
  8. Chris (3) 2330
  9. Karen (2) 2265
  10. Mark (3) 2235
  11. Scott (2) 2070
  12. Allegra (2) 2045
  13. Jay (2) 2040
  14. Judy (2) 2015
  15. Mary/Anton (2) 1930
  16. Curt (2) 1885
  17. Joanna (2) 1860
  18. Dave (2) 1785
  19. Lee (2) 1740
  20. Jonathan (2) 1665
  21. Kristin (1) 1640
  22. Bari (2) 1615
  23. Caitlin (2) 1580
  24. Robyn (2) 1575
  25. Samuel (1) 1550
  26. Mike (1) 1505
  27. Ben (2) 1495
  28. Mary K (2) 1455
  29. Jack (2), Katie (2) 1405
  30. Erick (1) 1350
  31. Steve (1) 1230
  32. Jill (1) 1215
  33. June (2) 1180
  34. Melissa (1) 1140
  35. Liz (2) 940
  36. Kim (1) 870

Episode 8 - Player Standings and Roadblock Count

As this was the first of a two-episode leg, there are no standings. But here are points:
  1. Rob/Amber 85 (Eight episode total: 765)
  2. Ron/Kelly 25 (Eight episode total: 625)
  3. Lynn/Alex 15 (Eight episode total: 590)
  4. Uchenna/Joyce 15 (Eight episode total: 535)
  5. Meredith/Gretchen -35 (Eight episode total: 310)

Roadblock Count

  • Lynn 3 / Alex 4
  • Meredith 4 / Gretchen 3
  • Rob 4 / Amber 3
  • Ron 4 / Kelly 3
  • Uchenna 4 / Joyce 3

And the Winners Are...

Rob and Amber by a landslide! No, not of TAR or even Survivor, but the MSN's all-important "Most compelling Reality TV couple" Award (See my previous post from April 7th). Yeah! I was losing sleep over that one. Just imagine if Jessica and Nick had taken the prize. In related news, Voldermort and Victoria came in dead last. Maybe VH1 should rethink airing their new show.

I couldn't agree more with fellow Michigander Beth when she says, "Rob can be such a snot, but he is so likable while he is being mean." There is just something about that boy's shit-eating grin that makes him so lovable.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Irish Reality TV

I just found this. And it made me laugh. Especially since I own 3 CDs of one of the contestants.

Two New Recaps!

Cool Article

Friday, April 08, 2005

Houston We Have an Elephant

Amazing Race 7
This week was one of Jan's favorite episodes. She was in Africa on a mission project from church last July and longs to return. Here are a couple of photos from her trip.

"Houston We Have An Elephant" Posted by Hello

Jan in Kenya 2004 Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Simon and Paula aren't a couple, are they?

Vote here for Reality TV's most compelling couple. TAR 6's Voldemort and Victoria and Tar 7's Rob and Amber are choices.

Interesting Stats

At the beginning there were 330 possible combinations of four teams. There are now only five combinations left, and Sarah picked one of them. Awesome!

As we go into the finale with four teams, there will only be one more team that is eliminated before that finale.
  • If Lynn and Alex are out next: Jill and Mike will go into the finale with no teams left.
  • If Meredith and Gretchen are out next: it doesn't matter. No one who had them is down to one team.
  • If Rob and Amber are out next: Kristin, Samuel, and Steve will go into the finale with no teams left.
  • If Ron and Kelly are out next: Erick and Kim will go into the finale with no teams left.
  • If Uchenna and Joyce are out next: Melissa will go into the finale with no teams left.


IT WAS INEVITABLE: Speaking of bad TV-show ideas, The Amazing Race's most famous whackjobs, Jonathan Baker and Victoria Fuller, are shooting a reality pilot for VH1. The potential series will attempt to answer the age-old question, "What happens when the cameras stop rolling and reality-show contestants go back to living their lives?" In this case, I'm fairly certain the answer is, "More backpack beatings."

from TVGUIDE.COM 4/7/05

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Episode 8 - My Thoughts

Well, not too many this week. While it was a great episode, not a lot happened. But, nonetheless, here we go:


  • "Big money, big money, no whammies, no whammies, STOP!" Seriously, if these two don't get picked up for some kind of TV show, there's something wrong with the world. I mean, these two did!
  • When the producers came up with the "take away all their posessions" rule, I don't think they thought about the possiblity of these two running across India in nothing but swimming trunks, Elvis sunglasses, and russian hats. Or China. That would have been awesome.
  • Did anyone else catch that in their "post-episode" interview, one of the brothers was wearing a Minnesota North Stars t-shirt?


  • Alex putting on clothes in the car nearly made me fall off my chair. Lynn telling him to "put my underwear on your head like a sweatband" brought me closer to the edge, and finally Phil telling him "The Fashion Police are going to come find you and arrest you in Africa" finally did me in.
  • Okay, two replacement vehicles? These two have the worst Car-ma ever. Now, a lot of people have been wondering why they got a replacement vehicle for their flat tire, as they have always said that they can be given a replacement car if it breaks down "by no fault of [the team's] own." I suppose you could technically say that it wasn't the team's fault, but rather the stick's fault. And they also probably had the choice to fix it or get a replacement car. Now, teams in the past have elected to fix it, but can any one else see Lynn and Alex trying to change a tire?


  • Okay, these two are continuing to impress. For your enjoyment, we have the old team success meter: Dave and Margaretta: Episode 4 (8th place). Peggy and Claire: Episode 3 (9th place). Teri and Ian (they don't really count but they were the oldest on their race): Finale (2nd place). Debra and Steve (again they don't really count but where the oldest median age on their race): Episode 1 (12th place). Bob and Joyce: Episode 4 (8th Place). Don and Mary Jean: Episode 5 (8th place). Meredith and Gretchen are guaranteed a 5th place or better finish. That's really, really good.
  • Did anyone else think that Gretchen's scream as they went through the "crocodile-infested waters" sound exactly like the AFLAC duck? I've found her long lost relative!
  • It takes a very tired team to drive RIGHT PAST the clue hanging off of a tree and not see it. What were you thinking?
  • It was kinda cute when Meredith called Gretchen and himself the Engergizer Bunnies. I'm sure if Gretchen had said it, she would have said another type of Bunny.
  • You gotta love it when a team is carrying their posessions around the world in a plastic garbage bag and a bright yellow shopping bag. As I said last week, at least they'll never have to check baggage.


  • Rob? Check this out. If you're milking it, it's not a boy.
  • You know Amber's been on a reality show before when she reads the clue about milking goats and her first reaction is "This will be amusing to watch". And then they do that one. 'cause it's funny.


  • Ron: "Roger that!" It has nothing on "Survive that!" and is very close to adding to your list. Bye bye.
  • Kelly: "Ron's being a drill seargent". Well, yes. But you're also dumb. Bye bye.
  • Hey, um, Kelly? I heard Ron say "Chill out a minute" While it has the same stressed syllables as "Shut the F&%* up", they are totally different words. See? You're dumb. Bye bye.
  • You know, "Carry it" was the first task ever designed for a beauty queen, and Kelly couldn't do it. See? Dumb. Bye bye.
  • Is this what you were referring to? Check back later for my rewritten version. All about YOU, Kelly.
  • How long will it be before Ron compares Kelly to downtown Baghdad?
  • I'm starting the countdown right now until Kelly pulls a Millie and gets them eliminated. Hee hee!
  • Up next for our favorite POW/Beauty Queen team: INDIA (oh, y'all know that from the previews): the killer fatigue team that leaves grown men weeping (but, well, it was Reichen), models getting dragged by cows through dung and mud, and all female contestants totally unnerved. I can't wait to see them there.


  • Dude, they got through that detour well. There's only one other team I can think of that would have given them a run for their money on it.
  • Read, people. Read. It's not like you missed the post--you just didn't take it.

You know, the milk on the lens was SO not necessary.

You know, out of the six teams on this leg, we had:

  • One didn't do the task right and had to go back
  • One missed a clue
  • One wore all the clothes
  • One wore none
  • A little piggy cried "wee wee wee" all the way home

Phil totally deserve an emmy just for keeping a straight face. And that's it for today!

Week 8 Bonus

Since I really don't know anything about Botswana, we're going to have a question about GOATS!

Question: What is the name of arguably the most famous goat in Chicago, and why is he famous?

hint: I figured the first week of April was a good time for this question.

Week 7 Bonus - Answer

The two cooling towers of Soweto have pictures of the FNB (First National Bank) logo on one and on the other has images of Soweto life and famous people from the surrounding areas.

Pool Standings after Episode 7

  1. Ami (3) 2420
  2. Jan (3) 2350
  3. Sarah 2295
  4. Chris (3) 2205
  5. Stephanie (3) 2200
  6. Tracy (3) 2195
  7. Jill T (3) 2190
  8. Eric (3) 2135
  9. Karen (2) 2100
  10. Mark (3) 2080
  11. Allegra (2) 1955
  12. Scott (2) 1940
  13. Jay (2) 1870
  14. Judy (2) 1845
  15. Joanna (2) 1810
  16. Mary/Anton (2) 1760
  17. Curt (2) 1725
  18. Dave (2) 1600
  19. Lee (2) 1580
  20. Bari (2) 1555
  21. Jonathan (2) 1545
  22. Caitlin (2) 1530
  23. Robyn (2) 1515
  24. Kristin (1) 1505
  25. Mike (1) 1440
  26. Samuel (1) 1415
  27. Mary K (2) 1355
  28. Jack (2) 1345
  29. Ben (2) 1335
  30. Katie (2) 1285
  31. Erick (1) 1275
  32. Jill (1) 1190
  33. June (2) 1130
  34. Melissa (1) 1115
  35. Steve (1) 1095
  36. Liz (1) 940
  37. Kim (1) 835

Team Standings Points / Roadblocks After Episode 7

  1. Rob/Amber 110 (after seven episodes: 670)
  2. Ron/Kelly 110 (after seven episodes: 590)
  3. Uchenna/Joyce 120 (after seven episodes: 510)
  4. Lynn/Alex 60 (after seven episodes: 565)
  5. Meredith/Gretchen 70 (after seven episodes: 335)
  6. Brian/Greg -140 (after seven episodes: 285)


  • Brian 3 / Greg 3
  • Lynn 3 / Alex 3
  • Meredith 4 / Gretchen 2
  • Rob 4 / Amber 2
  • Ron 4 / Kelly 2
  • Uchenna 3 / Joyce 3


Hey everyone!

My question to Michael Ausiello at TV was published. Click this link to check it out. It's the 6th question about Lynn and Alex.

Woo Hoo - I'm totally famous now.

Allegra - How many bonus points for this one?????

Friday, April 01, 2005

A couple of fun articles

Here's a great interview from Ray and Deanna on the TV Guide site:

Love the last entry!

AND, here's one especially for Allegra!