Amazing Race 7

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


  1. Sarah 6900
  2. Ami 6460
  3. Tracy 6300
  4. Jill T 6000
  5. Jay 5600
  6. Eric 5280
  7. Dave 5110
  8. Stephanie 4985
  9. Ben 4970
  10. Bari 4610
  11. Caitlin 3930
  12. Mary K, Robyn, Steve 3420
  13. Erick 3180
  14. Karen 2965
  15. Mike 2800
  16. Jill 2220
  17. Liz 1730
  18. Katie 1700
  19. Chris 1624
  20. Melissa 1590
  21. June 1525
  22. Kim 1110
  23. Kristin 680
  24. Allegra 520
  25. Jack, Joanna 1
  26. Curt, Jan, Jonathan, Judy, Lee, Mark, Mary / Anton, Samuel, Scott 0

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Amazing Race 7 Finale Drinking Game

Hee hee!
Brought to you by Scrappy, Smitty, and Eric (who really needs a nickname):

  • Uchenna and Joyce get lost
  • Ron makes a reference to his military career
  • Rob gives the camera a shit-eating grin
  • You see a gnome ad
  • The Camera shows a close-up of the "Beauty Queen's" zit covered face
  • CBS shows an ad for Rob and Amber's wedding
  • Amber says something witty (and you down that drink, 'cause it hasn't happened all season!)
  • A racer says it's an Emergency (in any other language, including Mirnish and Charlades, which would then include doctoro, emergencia, and 'I have a sick child')
  • A racer says "we're in it to win!" (Duh)
  • Uchenna and Joyce say they want to win to get a kid.
  • Any "Survivor" References
  • Any Phil-worthy (by Phil or not) eyebrow pop.
  • If you see, hear the word, or even think about a MONKEY!

Finale Tonight!

Saw a promotion this morning for tonight's finale.

Insert Suspenseful Voice-Over Voice here:
"There are Three Teams Left: Rob and Amber (Amber squeals 'Go Baby!'), Uchenna and Joyce (Uchenna exclaims 'That's what I'm talkin' about!') and Ron and Kelly (Ron states 'Go Fast').

I find it somehow telling that the most exciting sound-bite they could come up with for Ron and Kelly was Ron speaking dully about the most obvious thing one could talk about when talking about racing; speed. If that is most excitement you can must for the FINAL LEG then all I have to say is, "Bye Bye."

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Where will Romber show up next?

I already know. Too bad it's up against both the American Idol and Lost season finales!

What the Gnome Knows

Or at least, what the gnome says. An article from Canada.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Week 11 - My Thoughts

Well, the outcome of the pentultimate episode wasn't exactly what I thought it was going to be, but I dug it all the same. The trail of the Race Boomerang continues as the teams head to London. And this is what I thought:

Meredith / Gretchen

  • You know, Gretchen, a boat is a lot easier to get into than an elephant. Why didn't you just jump on in?
  • You did smack your face into it, though, which was awesome. At least some patterns of behavior are continuing.
  • Um, brawn? Over brains? On second thought, never mind. I guess they did the best one.
  • I'm sad to see you guys go, I really am. But seriously, you became the Scott Savol of AR7--totally overstaying the welcome and getting by with those leprechauns in your butt or something. It was fun while it lasted!

Rob / Amber

  • I don't blame you for not knowing what a whirling dervish was (seriously, how many people besides me knew that?), but a topless woman? Eh, at least your cab driver appreciated that comment with an eyebrow pop worthy of Phil!
  • Amber, you dressed as Sherlock Holmes was my favorite moment of you from the entire season. Which is kinda sad, 'cause it was like a two second clip and all you were doing was walking down the street. I'm glad you've got Rob to make life interesting!
  • Your new friend Stuart was like the fifth or sixth local you've gotten to help you out and show you around. I mean that's all fine and stuff, but you've been ragging on the other teams about relying on each other. What is it that you're doing differently by relying on a local to get you out of a paper bag? And Uchenna wasn't even allowed to help Meredith with the Detour so...I'm confused.
  • Hey, Rob? Since you're on a travelocity sponsored show, I probably wouldn't have used expedia to look up flights from Istanbul to London. Hopefully I'm the only one who ever pays attention to the design of the flight matrix on those websites. You owe Jerome an apology.

Ron / Kelly

  • Ron "I flew a 35 million dollar helicopter -- I could have done the bus". Well, I seem to remember you mentioning at least one time during this season that you, uh, CRASHED that 35 million dollar helicopter. As far as I know, the only thing Kelly's ever crashed is probably a frat party.
  • Ron "You become a soldier and you don't have to deal with this [emotional] stuff." Good to know this means nothing to you.
  • Begging for lipstick, Kelly? I would have begged for some zit cream if I were you.
  • Ron "I think I've seen everything I want to out of Kelly on this race." REMEMBER THAT. And kick her to the curb when you get home. Thanks. Bye bye now.
  • "At least they speak English here." Man, do I wish you had been sent to Scotland. They speak English there, too, but I doubt you could have understood it.
  • Did any one else catch Ron say "Damn!" at the yield?! For our good ol' military boy, we know he was angry uttering that kinda language!
  • Kelly, your doodling on Rob and Amber's picture made me realize that you're just about as mature as the President you adore so much. Thank god you're a Republican.
  • Okay, you two. I understand you really don't like each other, and that your relationship is falling apart, but still, you are in the final leg and have a one in three shot of getting a million bucks. It's sad that all it looks like you talk about next leg is your interpersonal issue. Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!
  • Is anyone else wondering just how much money Ron and Kelly were able to get begging? The last time I checked, lorries in London are really-ass expensive.
  • Kelly "I don't know what straight is!". Actually, I think that's all you know. Bye bye now.
  • Hey, Ron--I have a book for you. Read it and run. But not like you did in Iraq.

Uchenna / Joyce

  • Hey, Joyce! You're bald.
  • Hey, Uchenna! You're bald, too.
  • Now, get some navigation skills and you'll be just fine next week.
  • But do something interesting so I have more to write about, okay?

Other General Thoughts

  • I loved the London Eye task. It was a hearkening back to my favorite task of Season 1. Except that was when the flag was Yellow and White, and was much harder to see.
  • But I think the London Eye was more interesting when it was sending alien messages.
  • Roadblock montage. I really wanted the background music to be "Oops, I did it again". But I don't always get my way.
  • Sherlock--Yea! A literature related task!
  • And a new Gnome ad. Seriously, it doesn't get any better than that.

That's it for today. Remember, send me your wagers before 4 pm Tuesday, and all will be well in the world.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Because I really like this question, I'm going to ask it again as I did last season:

Figure out how many miles the teams have traveled up to this pit stop (Potter's Field Park, London). I will accept answers within +/- 2500 miles of the answer that I come up with (unless you have really excellent Amazing Race related documentation of how you came up with your answer, and then I'll use yours as the benchmark!).


Answer to Bonus - Week 10

To answer this bonus, you first needed to realize that Turkey is famous for a good luck charm. That good luck charm is called the Nanzar Bonjuk, or Evil Eye.

Pool Standings - After Episode 11

  1. Jan (3) 3755
  2. Stephanie (3) 3485
  3. Sarah (2) 3410
  4. Ami (2) 3190
  5. Tracy (2) 3130
  6. Chris (2) 3035
  7. Jill T (2) 3000
  8. Karen (2) 2965
  9. Eric (2) 2880
  10. Mark (2) 2810
  11. Jay (2) 2800
  12. Curt (2) 2755
  13. Judy (2) 2735
  14. Scott (2) 2710
  15. Mary / Anton (2) 2650
  16. Lee (2) 2630
  17. Dave (2) 2555
  18. Allegra (1) 2510
  19. Ben (2) 2465
  20. Bari (2) 2305
  21. Joanna (1) 2250
  22. Kristin (1) 2080
  23. Samuel (1) 1990
  24. Caitlin (1) 1965
  25. Jonathan (1) 1960
  26. Robyn (1), Steve (1) 1710
  27. Katie (1) 1700
  28. Mary K (1) 1670
  29. Erick (1), Melissa (1) 1590
  30. Jack (1) 1540
  31. June (1) 1525
  32. Mike 1400
  33. Jill, Kim (1) 1110
  34. Liz 865

Episode 11 - Player Standings and Roadblock Count

  1. Rob / Amber 205 (11 episode total: 1165)
  2. Ron / Kelly 55 (11 episode total: 865)
  3. Uchenna / Joyce 85 (11 episode total: 985)
  4. Meredith / Gretchen -145 (11 episode total: 340)

Roadblock Count

  • Meredith 6 / Gretchen 4
  • Rob 6 / Amber 4
  • Ron 5 / Kelly 5
  • Uchenna 5 / Joyce 4

Monday, May 02, 2005

"Mandatory Rest Period" Defined

Just how long is that mandatory rest period. MSN answers your hard-hitting questions.