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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Jerome the Gnome

Last night the Travelocity gnome made a guest appearance on TAR in the cutest cross promotion I've seen in some time! [Unlike the movie "Fever Pitch" aka "The Apprentice 3" with its shameless Marquis Jet product placement]. Did you know that the TAR appearance isn't Travelocity's 1st unique promotion using the gnome? Read about it here and here.

Travelocity isn't the first to borrow the globe-trotting gnome idea from the Gnome Liberation Front. Remember Amelie?

Think the gnome is so cute you just gotta have one? Rumor is, you can have your very own for only $10.

Gnomes aren't your thing? This monkey has racked up some frequent flyer miles of his own!


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